Gissaloan Logbook Loan Representative Example
Loan Amount Total Repayable Fixed Annual Interest Rate Representative % APR Loan Term Documentation Fee Instalments
£1000.00 £2300.16 65.00% 154.87% 24months    No Fees   £95.84   Per Month


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  • Q: What happens if I am unable to afford my monthly repayments?

  • Q: Are there any charges for late or missed payments?

  • Q: During the loan do I still own the car?

  • Q: Do I have to change the name on my logbook?

  • Q: What happens if my vehicle is repossessed?

  • Q: Does the car have to be insured?

  • Q: How old can my vehicle be at the start of the loan?

  • Q: If I want to raise cash against my car, what additional proofs will I require?

  • Q: Can I apply if I have a poor credit rating?

  • Q: When do I make my first payment?

  • Q: What if I've been refused elsewhere?

  • Q: If I am self-employed what proofs will I require?

  • Q: What identity proofs will I need?

  • Q: Will my application be kept confidential?

  • Q: Are there any restrictions on my vehicle?

  • Q: May I settle (repay) my loan early?

  • Q: How much rebate of interest will I actually be entitled to?

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By Phone

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On the Web

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All loans granted subject to affordability. Proof of income will be required. All Loans are secured against your vehicle, which may be repossessed if you do not make payments. Late or missed payments will incur additional charges, please see contract terms and conditions.


A Bill of Sale gives us security over the car. This means that until you have paid your loan we are technically the legal owner of your car. However you can still drive it and once you have paid off your loan the ownership goes back to you.


Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to


"Gissaloan” and “Gissacar” are trading names of Car Loan Originations Limited, which lends money on Customers’ existing cars (Gissaloan) and also finances the purchase of Customers’ new cars (Gissacar). All loan and related documentation, and other correspondence for both types of loans will be in the name of “Gissacar".

Gissaloan is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration number 688840

Registered Office: Regina House, 124 Finchley Road, London NW3 5JS